Pray for purity and holiness and college

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Peace all,

Please brothers and sisters, pray for me that I become really a daughter of God and that I'll live a holy life. Pray that God will bless, purify me and have mercy upon me. Pray that I become a good Christian and a good example. Pray that I will really repent soon.
Also, pray for me that I will excel in university. This is my only chance for me to continue with my study and I MUST pass and go to the second year.

Thank you all in advance so so so much and may the Lord Bless you and your life.



  • Will pray. Please pray for me too.
  • [quote author=Khas. link=topic=12743.msg150600#msg150600 date=1326822325]
    Will pray. Please pray for me too.

    Thank  you so much brother!
    For sure I will pray for you too. May the Lord grant you a life of repentance, full of purity, holinness, faith, love, joy and of course a great future  ;)

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