ya kool is-sofoof al samen

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hay guys can ne 1 of u guys tell me where i can find ya kool is-sofoof el sameian in english




  • lol thats not a hymn that is really said in english, but if u do fint it i would like to hear it also
  • I Think you can find it in Stantonymonastery.org just go to multimedia then pick the nature slideshow.
  • Not sure about an English Version though.
  • you can find it on www.alhan.org


  • yeah, i heard that recording by Arsani Sidarous, it's amazing :o :D
    hymns can sound really good in english if a fair effort is put in putting up the words in the right tune
  • to be honest with you its really meant to be sang in arabic because it is actually a poem so srry to be like da only one in this thread but i think its better in arabic but for an english version he was very creativly and did it amazingly

  • i can get it for you sang by Nagui and Fr. John Paul Abdelsayed.
    (if the let me have it)

    are you interested?
  • its really meant to be sang in arabic

    i'm not so sure bout that actually. There's the coptic txt for the first 5 verses, i dont know if the arabic verses were made up first and translated in coptic, or that the first 5 verses were originally in coptic, and the rest of the many verses in arabic (there's way more arabic lines) were made up later.
    I heard the first verse in coptic from a tape and i must that it sounded really good. The arabic is really good too and so is the english, i think singing 3 parts, each with a different language would be cool ;D

    ps if anyone is interested in listening to the coptic version of ya kool el sofouf, follow this link:


    look for

    O All the Heavenly Hosts Arabic Poem chanted in Coptic

    . Personally i think it sounds cool ;D
  • can u give me ur email address??? then i will email u a recording i have from a deacon at my church... if you do not wid to disclose your email address on the site...email it to [email protected]

    Hope i can help

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