khedmet el shamamsa

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hay every body

i jst got this really cool book and i wanted 2 tell u guys about it so if u lik it mayby u can order yourself 1 u deacond probaly no what the book is about it is a book that has all the hymns u can think of but scence i could not read arabic i was really sad till 1 of my freands told me about this book u can get in melborne and it is english and coptic and there is full english books also and some people will tell u oh i hav a kholagy but belive me it has every hymn u can iagen and even the 1's u cant imagen and most of holy week if any of u wan 1 i will tell u how 2 order it

god bless



  • Which khidmit shammas do you have? the one that has the picture of Cantor Farag Abdelmassih in the first few pages? just wondering.
  • Hey Andrew:
    How can we get it in USA?
  • o tell u the truth i dont no but wot u can do is go 2 your church library ok where ever your church orders books and ask the persn in charge if they can find 1 and if they cant tell them 2 order it frm australia and if that dosent work tell me and i will be happy 2 order 1 for u and send it 2 the USA

  • hey ibrahimf
    u can try u can try to see if they have it . Good luck ;)
  • Thanks Mary and Andrew for your help
    I'll check tonight
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