I need help!

I can't read arabic, so can someone who does read arabic go on those random sites and find me a place where i can find lessons from Gad Lewis? I just want lessons for Psalm 150 for the Great Lent, Tenen, and some other things.

Thanks in advance


  • alhan-youthbishopric.com/alhan/hr/hymns/index.asp

    Search for Cantor Gad (the third category on that page).
  • .....i can't read arabic.....
  • On the third drop down menu, Cantor Gad is the 9th name from the bottom. Click on him, and press the button below to search.

    Now, whenever you see one of the hymns with "تعــلــيـــمي" in a box on the left, it's an instructional lesson. Usually in several parts.

    If you can read Coptic, the names of the hymns where applicable are in Coptic.

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