Christianity goes global

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News from CNN on the latest news that Christianity is the largest religion in the world:


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    Not really.

    I think what you mean is that people may identify themselves as Christian, but how many are practicing?

    If that's what u mean, I would agree. If you read more into the article, you'd see that it shows christians are not waiting any longer to get married to have sex.

    How Christian is that?

    What is the purpose of being a Christian if you live without God, or without Godliness, and even justify it? What big deal is that?

    Also, after 9/11 and the rise of muslims wearing burkas in the states, canada, and Europe (even in the middle East) - is unfortunately making muslims shy away from this religion. Some are even converting to Christianity because its seen as being "cool".

    For example, I know as a fact, in China, there are lot of chinese converting to Christianity due to the image it has. I'm not entirely sure they are doing this for the right reasons.

    In any case, CHristianity is personal. Its not a public affair. Its about your personal relationship with God. Not with society, so its pointless anyway asking people if they are christian.
  • Sasi,

    I go for the short answer.
  • Its about your personal relationship with God.

    This is Western Spirituality.

    The spirituality of the East is rather cosmic, of which the individual is a part.
  • If people decide to convert to Christianity, I'm 100% for it, even if it is for the "wrong reasons". There is a greater chance for someone who is baptized and his a bad person to go to heaven, rather than someone who isn't baptized and is a very good person. The fact is, Islam will soon take over the world due to the population growth. So the amount of Christians (good or bad ones) will eventually make a difference even if they aren't what you cal "true Christians".
  • What is your view about the convertion of all the jews to God? will it happen before the antichrist or during the tribulation period?
    I believe it will happen during the tribulation period as Jesus said he who comes in his own name him you will receive.

  • A bad Christian and a good unbeliever have equal probability of entering heaven as long as the unbeliever is asking god for mercy
  • and he is not hardening his heart, but he hasn't made time for himself to search the truth.
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