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tell me what happened to Jesus, every single parable and miricle he did after he walked on water.

i need it for a project a priest needs me to write him.

plz help


    The best authority on Jesus' life would be the Bible. It is the only book that could possibly tell you everything about Jesus. If you are searching for a quick summarary, it will be extremely hard to find due to the fact people (especially authoritave figures on the topic) will tend to be longwinded when asked about everything Jesus said and did after He walked on water. I suggest you look at the Bible New King James Version. But of course, there will be others who know a site that could help you more specifically. :)
  • The miracle of Jesus walking on the sea is found in :Matthew 14:25, Mark 6:48, John 6:19
    some miracles after that:
    -Healing the Gentile woman's daughter: Matthew 15:21, Mark 7:24
    -Feeding 4000: Matthew 15:32, Mark 8:1
    -Healing the epeliptic boy: Matthew 17:14, Mark 9:17, Luke 9:38
    -money for taxes in fish's mouth: Matthew 17:24
    -Healing two blind men: Matthew 20:30, Mark 10:46, Luke 18:35
    -Withering the fig tree: Matthew 21:18, Mark 11:12
    -Healing a deaf and dumb man:mark 7:31
    -Healing a blind paralytic at Bethsaida: Mark 8:22
    -Healing the man born blind:John 9:1
    -Raising Lazarus from the dead: John 11:43
    -Drawing fish from the sea: John 21:1
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