Decisions decisions decisions....

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Alright ill make this as short and sweet as i can......

Basically I'm struggling to choose a major in college and I'm struggling to notice my own talents, traits, and attributes....Im at the point where i can't even tell someone what i like to do, what i don't like to do, and what i see myself doing. I thought about engineering, Physical Therepy, and some other things...In reality they are all over the place and apparently i am not the only one who is suffering from this as many of my friends are going through the same problem....I really enjoy sciences and math is a bit of a struggle for me, but If i put time and seek assistance i enjoy it. I also like physics, but that was back in high school...God knows the difference between college and high school.

My question is:

1) How in the WORLD do I being to decided what i want to do, whether it be engineering or some other type of science.

2) I know i have to pray about it but how do i figure out my talents. (I don't care if there have been other posts about this topic or this particular question, I can't search a whole database for one question.)

3) What should i start doing with my time and how should i start to narrow down on things.

-The transition between high school and college has been rough but Thank God I'm pulling through it successfully.

And if someone could direct me to a site or a source where i can learn to truly pray, as my spiritual life is suffering.

Thank you in advance


  • I'm in the same boat as you.. How long have you been in college? I'm a pharmacy major right now, but I' not sure if it's going to work out.

    1.) What do you LIKE? if you hate the classes you take now, then it's only going to get worse.

    2.) Pray earnestly and God will show you what your true talents are.

    3.)Like #1, find what you love to do, or something you're good at. For example, if you have good leadership skills, you might want to go into business management.

    The most important thing is to never lose faith in God. He will answer you in the appropriate time, even if you think He's delaying. Pray for me.
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