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Having trouble downloading anything at all.

1. Windows 7 Home

2. Mozilla Firefox 8.0

3. Error message: To download, Please Login or Register ( Already Logged in)

4. This happens when trying to download any file from the first attempt to download anything that day.



  • i have same issue
    1-windows 7
    3-loge me out to download then you cant download and ask you to log in again
  • I registered for a new account and I tried to download some hymns but it doesn't let me.  Every time I try it asks me to either login or register first. I have already registered and activated my new account with the name "Emmanuel432".

    Every time I try to log in, it sends me to the main community page. I try to navigate to the same page I tried to download from and it gives the same message "Please log in or register first"

    I have already reviewed the forums and I noticed that other people had the same problem. I already tried to clear the cache but that didn't help.

    Could you please let me know if there is a problem with my account please?
    Here are the computer info:
    1. Windows Vista Home Premium SP2

    2. Mozilla Firefox 8.0 & Internet Explorer 9.0

    3. Error message: Please Login or Register first ( even though I already logged in)

    4. This happens when trying to download any file from any page on the site

    I would greatly appreciate your prompt attention

    Thank you,
  • Hi guys,

    Not sure if this is recommended by the admins but I just tried this on IE8.

    1. When re-directed to the main community page after attempting to login from the Hymns section, click back on your browser.
    2. Refresh the page; the login box at the bottom right of this page should disappear.
    3. Navigate to the hymn you originally wanted to download and try to download it again. You should see the download option as an actual hyperlink as opposed to semi-greyed out text.

    Hope this helps.

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