A Song about Giving Thanks??

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Does anyone have any ideas for a song to teach 4th graders about giving thanks to God?


  • Is this for Thanksgiving?

    When I was little, (I don't remember if this was from choir, church camp, or from a CD I listened to) there was:

    Give thanks with a grateful heart
    Give thanks to the Holy One
    Give thanks because He has given Jesus Christ, His Son

    And now let the weak say I am strong
    Let the poor say I am rich
    Because of what the Lord has done for us
    Give thanks

    ...I don't know how Orthodox it is though.
  • The second Canticle in Tasbeha

  • Alright I definitely feel stupid now.

    Second hoos beats anything.
  • Haha, TITL, its all good. you were thinking more about being applicable to the children lol
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