MAb tinsashh

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hello all im looking for a spiritual song called mab tinsassh ( you never forget) its in teh movie of samaan the shoe maker which is on this site and i reealllllllly reallllllly like it so if anyone know s where i could find it i would be very greatful



  • yea i have it if there is a way i can upload it or give it to u i dont mind just tell me how
  • beshoy, i believe you can attatch it the way you attach a picutre when posting! i think it has to be either .rm or .mp3!

    can i have that song too? i think its awesome!! ;D

    take care and God bless
  • its to big of a file
    i need admin. to
    help out if u want it
    sry i bought the cd
    so i dont kno were
    to get it from
  • i just wanted to say that also the song u r talking about i dont have the same on as samaan i have one with music only
    its really really really really nice

    so yah . . . .
    still waitin for admin. . . . . ::) its 10mb thats y
  • ok thas cool thank u
  • this link has "mabtinsash" its really nice
    its about song #30 on the right hand side on the page
  • hey


    thank you very much i was looking for that song forever you know they should make soundtracks for these films

  • u r welcome :)
    pray for me
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