Please pray for the most important person in my life

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With all seriousness and humility I ask for your prayers for my mom. This past week has been so difficult for us, she might have cancer.
Please keep her in your prayers.
Thank you.


  • Kyrie, eleison!
  • I will keep you and your mother in my prayers..

    don't worry. God does does everything for a reason. Let it be according His will, and not according to our ours. Stay strong. Everyone goes through hard times, but God knows the perfect time to show His glory.
  • Lord have mercy.

    Stay strong! You're family has my prayers.  :)
  • Lord Have Mercy!

    "Prayer moves the hands of Him who moves the whole universe." -Pope Kyrillos VI

    The prayers of all the Saints be with you in this trying time.

    May His will be done. May His power and strength be with you and your beloved mother.

    Your family will be in our prayers. Our hearts are with you.

  • may God have mercy and give u lots of peace.
    may your mum also know the love of Jesus - God can come close to people who are unconscious and give them peace, so i pray this for her and for all sick people and those who care for them.
  • Lord have mercy!
  • May the Lord have mercy upon your mother and you and your mother are in my prayers. Don't worry, God will do the best for her. Keep strong!
    Through the intercessions of our all Holy Mother Virigin Mary, Pope Kyrilos and the martryr St. Barbara (today is her celebration).

  • God be with her, cure her, and strengthen you and your family. May the intercessions of the entire choir of saints be with her.

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