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Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to effectively teach Coptic..
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


  • You need to teach Coptic as a language that could be used on a daily basis.

    The problem with most Coptic teaching is that the only hurdle in Coptic is to make other able to read without understanding what they are reading.

    I would teach Coptic like teaching any other foreign language (English, Arabic, French, German ....).

    Hope this helps.
  • Excellent idea imikhail  8)

    We can start this by preparing topic groups of related vocabulary words, enhanced with pronunciation when you click each word. To prepare similar groups for situational short sentences, part for Christian topics and another for daily usage ones.

    I think it would be nice if 4 languages are included, with the recorded pronunciation: e.g. Coptic/English/French/Arabic for each word/sentence. A wav file per item will be handy.

    Knowing multimedia (PC) I can at some point later hopefully compile something good. As 1st step a project like this can start as Powerpoint ppt format.

    One problem that may arise (much later) will be finding words for modern/scientific items.

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