• Written by Paul Hanna (not me)

    He Has Gone

    He Has Gone

    There are times to be sad since weve lost our loved one,
    there are places that are dark, since our light he has gone
    he was here, and now he has left us but
    he has gone to spend it with the Lord.... x2

    There are tales to be heard of our friend who was meek,
    stories told by the many that have seen our friend do
    but he does and he doesnt say a word and have you heard that
    he has gone to spend it with the Lord x2

    Have you heard the good news, of our friend who has gone,
    he left young , he left ready, he left noble he left strong,
    but our friend he will live Happy , ,,, forever
    cuz he has gone to spend it with the Lord...

    he will live forever with the Lord

    When He calls we shall spend it with the Lord....

    He has gone

    but where is the audio song? Ive heard it but I can't find it now
  • i guess i should get a little technical in this:

    what can be made is a madeha that is said into the tamgeed but it not really a tamgeed. the reason for this is that a full tamgeed is only done for canonical saints. a madeha is like a hymn of giving a certain kind of glory to that person. google translates the word "madeh" to be eulogy or compliment. which is good considering that we are declaring the good things about this person but not giving him the glory of a canonical saint.
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