I'm going to fail.. if..... fear...college.. please help!!

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Peace all,

I am studying applied psychology and I am in the first year of college.
I find my study very interesting and I enjoyed the colleges at the university.. until I had to study a BIG book which I must finish oof 7 chapters, about 300 pages or more in non-time. Next monday 24/10 I am having the most important exam to let me allow to go to the 2nd year.
The problem is I can't concentrate me and I am going to facebook too much and the book is difficult and tedious. I must read a sentence a few more times to understand it (and now I am learning about biopsychology, one chapter and I didn't have biology in the last years of higschool) and I must write the words down in order to remember it but that will take a century.

And I need the internet for a part of my studying.
Also i tried prayers, prayer be4 studying and stuff, but in vain.. plus an angry dad who gives me a preach about that how many times I always start at the last minute with studying for my exams..

So please, pray pray pray for me. I need it guys!! God will Bless u for it. Also pracitcal advice is welcome.




  • Hi Marmar,

    Usually when I need to stay focused, I isolate myself  (in a quite corner) with only a textbook and dry erase whiteboard. I like to draw things out with different colors. I'm a visual learner.

    The computer distracts me too, so I like to get all my textbook reading done first before I use the internet for my assignments/quizzes (cause I know there will be more than one tab open! ...email...tasbeha...).

    I'm not really a morning person, but by the end of the day I'm usually exhausted and distracted with a gazillion things! So I've found that one hour in the morning = 3 hours studying at night.

    And finally, if you're a crafty person like me, then use your creative talents to help you study! Get out your crayons, construction paper, ribbon..etc to draw out the diagrams and charts from your text :)
    My parents always think I'm playing around (and sometimes I am...) when they see me with crafts instead of a textbook on a desk like a normal student.
    We all have different strategies and techniques to succeed, so evaluate yourself first: are you a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner? do you get more work done in the mornings or at night? what are some things that distract you the most? what are your talents? Then work from there!

    Hope this helps a bit.
  • Hey marmar.

    Don't worry you are not alone!

    May God bless you! Please pray for me! Also pray that Christ will tell your father in confession what advise to give you. Ask your father in Confession he can give you more advise than anyone of us. May the prayers of abouna Andrawis and Moses the strong and all the saints be with you. Like abouna Andrawis says "May He [Christ] always be with you, never against you."
  • A test that determines whether you move on to your 2nd year?! Sounds like you're in Egypt  ;)

    Study with others and pray morning and night that God's will be done and that He allows you to succeed so that His Holy Name is glorified.

    You will do great!

    God bless your efforts 100 fold.
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