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my first is of course related to the problems in Egypt but more of the struggle in myself over this; i am seeing in myself things that worry me, i feel that i am so used to detaching myself from problems and issues that i am becoming cold hearted as if i shut down all emotion, i feel that everyone around me is emotional about what is happening in Egypt our brothers and sisters are suffering why am i so cold? i hate to cry, i don't deal with death and i don't manifest my sadness and my saddness and depression suppresses soo long it becomes anger, don't get me wrong all of what is happening in Egypt is soo sad and i wish it would just stop but idk i feel as if i should have more emotion at least about these things like others do. advice PLEASE?

also this might be trivial but i am feeling kind of guilty only after talking to my mom about this, there was a guy a year older, anyway i had no interest in him and i felt as if he became pushy and had expectations and that i couldn't be friends with him and mind you ive had a conversation with him about this type of topic before, he ended up ignoring me and got, i guess, "upset" that i didn't care that he was ignoring me and so we established we would be friends and yet became pushy again and so i started ignoring him cause i didn't know what to tell him finally i told him and i feel i was to harsh he gave no response i didn't want to hurt him i just wanted him to get the point, is there something i should do to make sure i wasn't mean? also i feel guys at least my age don't understand or get the point when i'm nice in "letting them down", as if me being nice means that i'm actually still interested any advice in this?
God bless all! and have mercy on me a sinner.


  • Dear 2Corinthians5:7,
    For the first problem being cold-hearted my suggestion is to pray for God and He will deal with that..
    With regards the second problem, I guess father of confession would be the best to help.. I can also do if you'd like to pm me or send me an email, but I don't encourage you to mention all these personal details on the forum...
    God bless you and pray for us a lot
  • One is cold, when one has not felt the fire.
  • Keep your faith and the Lord will be there for you!!
  • Thank you for the replies, very much appreciated. all i can say is God have mercy on me a sinner.
    thanks again and God bless :)
  • usually coldness, in my experience, is due to an overwhelming group of emotions that u don't have the time or energy to deal with.
    make time to pray from the agpeya, to do the ironing quietly by the fireplace (it's cold in the northern hemisphere right now!) or to walk someone's dog.
    don't fill yr mind with the internet, tv or computer games every spare minute.
    we all need time to reflect and to pray.
    the desert monks were right when they emphasized prayer and meditation as ways to be close to God.

    must go now, taking some of my own advice to get off the computer!
  • Thank You so much mabsoota your words are always so kind and wise, your answer is much appreciated :)
    God bless :)
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