• DEar Remenkimi,
    I'm awfully sorry you took my last post this way. I never meant to insult you in the slightest, and I was really astonished, that's why I made those comments... none of my words were intended as an insult at all, and I sincerely apologise if a single one has sounded as such... I was honest calling you a scholar as I've known you for a long time, and I'm not a one, and that I guess is more than very clear...
    LAstly I wasn't playing any riddles or mind games but again I'm asking which part in the Gregorian liturgy you were referring to, and I'll comment further later when I'm on a computer.... I'm sorry againOujai
  • Oh yes, and you rightly say you didn't blame Coptic for conflicting grammar but you were on the verge of... I'll comment further later
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