Ya Mari Mina Ya 3agaiby

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Hi everyone,
Does anyone know who sings this song named "Song to St. Mina" found here: http://tasbeha.org/mp3/Songs/Arabic/Orthodoxies.html

I need to know who is singing this specific song, i dont care about the others in this album since they are sung by other people, its almost like a random album. But I just need to know who sings this and where I can find more like it from him.

Thanks :)


  • I'm guessing Boules Malak  :-\
  • if it is him, then where can I find more songs from him? I can't read arabic very well (very slowly) so if you can help me out i would appreciate it.
  • I actually just listened to some stuff I have of him and am becoming less convinced that it's him.

    But you can decide for yourself. Listen to some of his music here.
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