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Hello all :)
I have hope for your prayers dearly; I have become lukewarm if even that in my faith all together and I have become so aware this for quite a while now (a year or so; more?) it is so hard for me to stay focused I know my only true hope is to be in a great unity with Christ,  the devil has been attacking me viciously now that I am trying to gain my life with Christ back, please pray.
God bless all :)
(Oh, my Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy upon me a sinner)


  • Try to be more patient and then you won't have those reactions the devil uses to weaken your faith.

    May God protect you, keep you safe out of the devils hold, and into the freedom of God's love.
  • Thank you Joshuaa for your advice and kind words God be with you :)
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