y is life worth living???

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i actually understand y life is worth living but i asked the Question bcoz ma fwend was askin y is life worth living and i couldnt really answer bcoz i couldnt describe it well.....so yeh :-\


  • marmooraa,ý
    Interesting question. I can see why people think that life is not worth living (I think ýeveryone, I included) can see that at one point in time if not more. One thing that I ýrealized is if I live for myself only, I will not see a life worth living. But if I live for ýothers then my life has a meaning. People form communities, go to churches and ýgatherings, have friends because they have a desire to feel needed. If you don't satisfy this ýdesire, you will lose focus of the worth of life. ý
    For your friend to understand that life is worth living, tell him/her to live 1 week for ýsomeone else. If they are Christian, serve in Church, get involved. Help someone who ýneeds that help. but trying to explain will not get you anywhere.ý

    Just my 2 cents as usualý
  • Life is very precious. God died to give us LIFE, so life is definetly worth living. If we lived only for ourselves then life would be meaningless, we do not live for ourselves but we live for Christ. "For me to live is Christ" (Philippians something..), "If we live we live for Christ". "I have been crucified with Christ it is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me" Galations2:20
  • Life is worth living because somewhere along the line, something amazing happens to you, and it can't be described or put into words but if you have faith, it'll come faster and it'll give meaning to everything you've ever experianced.
  • Life is worth living b/c it holds opportunity for everyone to prepare for the Heavenly Kingdom; it’s a symbol of hope!!! Think about it, if we weren’t created by God, there wouldn’t be any purpose for us to be living, and theres nothing to look forward too! We’d eventually die and return as dust as we have always been; there would be no reason to be living in the first place! But God loved us sooooooo much that he created us! He shaped our lives by defining our purpose here on earth. He clearly tells us to prepare for His coming on earth, and in return we’ll live with Him eternally! Life reminds us that we are awaiting our Creator who will invite us to His Heavenly Banquet!!!! Think of the 5 foolish virgins….we are just like them…we are awaiting the bridegroom for the Wedding, and if we are ready (on earth) He’ll accept us into His Banquet…if not…well….you know what I mean!!! So, simply,
    [glow=red,2,300]life is worth living because God loves you and I and wants us to prepare to live with Him eternally[/glow]!!! :D

    I hope I helped, take care, GB++

  • dat really helps but not reely cos shes kinda boodis (not sure how u spell it) ::)so yer but shes reely nice n 1 of ma best fwenz :-\.................
  • I think life is not living because we aren't of this world. Sometimes we just get this empty feeling inside of us that we can't fill... so we try to fill it with worldly things.. but it doesn't work no matter how hard we try.. life is worth living only to serve God our father.. because we aren't of this world.
    just try to explain this to your friend best as u can..
    John 15:19
    If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.
  • :Ddat helps tanks but jus wana ask bout somtin els......
    dont u somtimz tink about wat r u lik get me
  • If we didn't live we would never have a chance to meet Christ would we? That's why the people of the world have no reason to live because they don't look forward to their heavenly rewards but rather the earthly. There is nothing to live for on earth. God bless.
  • well here is y...

    Somwhere there must be a huge drawing table, the kind architects use, and sprawled across the table are MILLLLLLIONS of blueprints. WHY?? Because for every person ever born, or will ever be born, God has a specific, unique blueorint, a wonderful desing, a perfect plan.
    "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, I chose uyou, before you were born i set you apart"(Jer 1:G, NIV). The tragedy of modern Chritstianity, is that so many Christians don't understand taht specific, uniqye blueprint. Instead they wander through life without purpose, beaten down, confused, wondering, failing to fulfill anything but a tiny portion of the marvelous potential God has given them.
    There is a theory called the "two flod truth"and it revolves around ma's greatest responsibilities.
    Man's first duty-->To know God
    Man's 2nd duty--> Make sure his family knows God
    Set aside time to be alone, and spend the time, reading and absorbing the Bible. Allow the Holy Spirit of the Lord to Open your heart and your mind to a knew fullness of understanding. You can learn what God has created in you. And that new understanding can bring a wonderful revolution to your life, yout faith and ur family.
  • wow that was gr8 :D
  • wow that is gr8 :D umm the book purpose driven life is such an excellent book marmoora its wonderful it explaind evrything

  • its at church u can buy it from the library ill show u it

    GB ALL
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