Moalim Fahim recordings.

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Does anyone have moalim Fahim recording or know how i can get some.


  • Hi,

    I have an incomplete collection. For years I've been trying to complete it. But, I can help you by saying that I got my current collection from:

    Ruba Zumot
    [email protected]

    The contact person (Ruba) is very helpful.

    This is what I have (all obtained from Ruba):
    A-Liturgy of St Basil Coptic
    B-Liturgy of St Gregory Coptic
    C-Praises (tasbeha) for all occasions (standard, joyous, kiahky, etc) for all days of the week
    D-Hymns of the occasions (feasts, fasts etc) throughout the Coptic year, starting from Nairooz.

    I only have the occasions up to Epiphany (Original Cassette 7). The rest is missing. If you get them, please please let me know, as I would like to complete my collection.

    If you are in Egypt, you can purchase them from St Mark's old Cathedral, Azbakeya, Cairo. I've been told it's the only other place that has them.
  • Good luck. You will probably get  aresponse like "Go to such and such bookstore in Egypt and ask for so and so and if it's your lucky day they might have a copy." It is unfortunate but distribution of such treasures is abysmal.
  • Try this: alhan-youthbishopric.

    There should be something in the middle of the page to click on which directs you to an "alhan search" by hymn, occasion, or chanter.

    Click on the last drop-down (third one down) which is the chanter option. Moalem Fahim is on the list. It is in arabic; so if you don't know arabic, go to the last drop-down (which is to search by chanter) and count 14 names from the bottom of the list going up. . .

    Not sure if that made any sense, lol. Try it out and let me know how it goes.
  • Unworthy im having trouble loading the website. I think i dont have the right pluggin.
  • Actually I got working. thanks alot for your help. I really appreciate it.
  • [quote author=churchbob link=topic=12185.msg143660#msg143660 date=1314300351]
    Actually I got working. thanks alot for your help. I really appreciate it.

    No problem. Did you find the recordings you wanted?
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