Good Book Reccomendations Anyone? :)

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I have come to a conclusion that I need to begin to read more often to learn more in general. So far I have a few Abune Sinoda books on my mind to read,

but does anyone know of any books that really impacted you and caused you to be inspired, maybe examine yourself or just books that enrich your life that one can learn from?

Thanks and God Bless :)


  • Hello Agpeya, i have a few for you, there's
    Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer by Norris J. Chumley (haven't quite finished this one yet but so far it's amazing)
    Life of Hope by Pope Shenouda
    The Garden of Abba Antony: The Monastery of Abba Antony at the Red Sea
    Daily Readings in Orthodox Spirituality (edited) by Peter Bouteneff
    I hope you enjoy these if you get the chance to read them i have a bit of a collection and so far these are the only ones i have read, so i am with you that i myself should probably read more :)
    God Bless
  • I've posted about it before, but Fr. Mark Gruber OSB's "Journey Back to Eden" is a very good little book that helped me a lot in my transition from Catholic to Orthodox aspirant. I don't know what you, an already Orthodox person would learn from it, but it is good to get a sympathetic outsider's view of your church. The book covers his year conducting ethnographic research in the Coptic monasteries, in journal format.

    Today I picked up "Four Martyrdoms from the Pierpont Morgan Coptic Codices" (1973), which is a reproduction (with English translation) of the texts detailing the martyrdom of St. Coluthus, Sts. Paese and Thecla, S. Shenoufe and his Brethren, and Sts. Apaioule and Pteleme. Most of the book is in handwritten Coptic (!!!), but the few pages of translation I've read so far are fascinating. Some of it is a little confusing (a lot of minutiae to wade through: and then the governor did this, so St. Coluthus said really reads like a trial transcript at some points), but the ultimate value of the stories is not in such things anyway. Since these were from the days of Diocletian persecution, it is invaluable and very strengthening to read the lengths to which these holy men and women went to preserve their faith. I recommend that you try to find this book, perhaps from a university library if you can. It seems more aimed at academics than laypeople. (And if you do find it, skip the introduction for that same reason; it references at lengths the various objections and complaints and low opinions of arrogant European scholars who dismiss the martyrdom texts as terrible writings!  >:()
  • Most important books to read:
    On the Incarnation by St. Athanasius (SVS Press is the best translation)
    Life of St. Antony (Coptic and Greek) by St. Athanasius
    Sayings of the Desert Fathers (Alphabetical Collection or by Topic)

    other awesome books: Confessions of St. Augustine
    On Wealth and Poverty by St. John Chrysostom
    Mary Mother of God by St. Jacob of Serug
    The Lord's Prayer by St. Cyprian
    Orthodox Prayer Life by Fr. Matthew the Poor

    I mostly stick to the Fathers of the Church, they are truly the best. I havent read all of these books by they are HIGHLY recommended by my awesome theologian priest!

    God Bless
  • Don't get me started on this topic!!! I would write a HUGE list for you...but I don't have the time  :-\

    I really advise you to read all of Pope Shenouda's books.

    Here is a site that will help:
    Click on "All Books" from there.

    I love reading  ;D
  • Hello my dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    I hope this message finds you all well. Agpeya, may I ask how old you are? There are different recommended books for different ages. May I also say that, though each person may have their personal favorites and recommendations, it is perhaps your father of confession or spiritual guide who will be able to advise you best as they know where you stand in your spiritual struggle.

    In Christ,
  • On the Incarnation by Saint Athanasius
    In They Presence by Lev Gillet...This is a great self examination book.
  • Thanks guys for the great book recommendations, keep them coming if you have them and they don't have to necessarily be Orthodox. :)
  • The Purpose Driven Life- It's an amazing book that really inspires you to change the way you look at you're everyday relationship with Christ and others.
  • I think childoforthodoxy's advice was best. If you do not have any guidance when you choose a spiritual book, you may find yourself reading books that may not benefit you or that you pick up for a while and never finish, etc.

    Talk to your FoC.
  • I would also like to add that the books should, in fact, be Orthodox; there is much material out there that may allow you to feel that you are benefitting something, but will in fact be detrimental. That is a discussion in and of itself, and I will leave it at that for now. The ability to discern between beneficial books and others, even if they are written by an "Orthodox" figure, is difficult to attain early in one's journey in reading. Not all "Orthodox" material is Orthodox in the proper sense, nor are all writings beneficial; also, not all writings written by "non-Orthodox" are non-Orthodox in content.

    Do not set the trap for yourself that you simply want to learn as much as possible based on the recommendations of others who do not know you well. Trust in a father of confession or spiritual guide's recommendation.

  • Life of St. Anthony by St. Athanasius

    Very practical and real from what i have heard, I just started to read it.
  • [quote author=Crazy4Christ1 link=topic=12113.msg143376#msg143376 date=1313717259]
    Life of St. Anthony by St. Athanasius

    Very practical and real from what i have heard, I just started to read it.

    yea that's a great book from which i have benefitted a lot from. i have the Coptic translation (with the green & white cover)
    sometimes the language it has been translated from matters. but of course, the life of St. anthony is the life of st. anthony; how much different can the translations be..
  • The Love Chapter - St. John Chyrsostom

    or if you want a REALLY HEAVY book, then

    The Dark Knight of the Soul - St John of the Cross
  • Thanks for your answers everyone.  God Bless you all :)

    I found a link to a book by his Grace Bishop Youseff about the Fast of Mary that will end tomorrow. Its a nice read for during the fast, I know its over but it would be useful for the coming year God willing.

    The Blessed Virgin St. Mary's Fast and Feast

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