Importance of College in your Spiritual Life

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Hey guys,

I'm helping with planning the ministry for college and I'm looking for some resources or quotes that show the importance of college in growing in your spiritual life, like maybe something that shows that many people cite college as the time they really turned closer to God or something that shows how the habits you form in college will stay with you for the rest of your life. Or any relevant Bible verses like :
"Remember your Creator in the days of your youth" Ecclesiastes 12:1

Please let me know if you have any suggestions and keep the ministry in your prayers! Thank you!


  • Honestly it depends on who you are. It would be better if some people didn't go to college because when they go they become corrupted. But for others, you see your surroundings are not good most of the time and you are now mature enough to understand that whatever you do has consequences.

    I will talk a little bit about myself since I am currently entering my last year in college. Throughout high school I was far from the church, I went to church almost every sunday but I wasnt close and I didnt really want to be close. Never really thought about reading the Bible and I prayed very rarely. I was friendly with kids my age from church but didnt really hang out with them. I wanted to "fit in" with kids at school and do the things they did. This carried on into my first semester of college where I was trying to fit in. But during my first semester in college I met two coptic guys my age who  were part of the Coptic club at my school. I had never gone to the Coptic Club and so I didn't like it for some reason, prehaps because i wasnt use to it. But once I went i found a bunch of Coptic students in fellowship helping each other in their studies as well as spiritually and now it seemed like a good thing to be involved in.

    During my first year at college I began reading the Holy Bible regularly. I had never actually read from the Bible on my own since 2nd grade when my Sunday School teacher forced us to. Up until the first year of college I had never really prayed in the morning or at night and my agpia was buried somewhere in my room until recently. This is not to say that Im a saint now. Im still stuggling every day with my past and the sins that I commit daily. But at least now I know that God is with me all the time and His Word is open to me at any time.

    Theses people at the Coptic Club have become my best friends, I am now more involved in church and am a servant. I have gone a long way since High school through the Grace of God. I have been slacking off lately in these past few months of summer. But I want you to please pray for me as I am still struggling every day with my sins.

    God Bless.
  • college is good for making u do lots of exams. it's good for yr spiritual life only if u want it to be!
    r these guys already in college?
    then talk about 'how to make college good for yr spiritual life'.
    maybe show them why it's so amazing to know God and how this is a good time to ask lots of questions and to rely on their own relationship with God (the stuff marenhos Epchois wisely said) rather than just thinking they are Christian coz their parents/friends are.
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