how can people be so cold i am really depressed

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  •   Hi Bigeee,
                    I'm sorry you are feeling down at the moment. Try not to think of us as cold or else you will be feeling cold as well. Most of us are not cold because I believe most of us care about others but we don't always show it.
    Actually, I am feeling cold as it has snowed here for three days, but it has nothing to do with the way I feel.
    Try to believe in yourself Bigeee. Your situation is confusing; being a muslim then not been a muslim; being in love then not being in love. But really these things test you. Your ablilty to move on, and if you say to yourself I can't move on then you are staying still. That's what is sad. Jesus Christ was always with people like you and still is. Take care Bigeee I have to go now. Be strong good buddie. GOD be with you.

  • Tell us what is happening with your life at the moment. It must be hard looking after your brother and not take on board some of the things in his life. His world is pretty much his own, so it would be hard for him to change. It is great that he has a brother like you.  :)
  • there are a lot of heartless people around..I don't blame you. But if we just keep thinking about life like this, we WILL be depressed.

    God makes us strong
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