"Rashi Ne" refrain?

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Hey all -

I was listening to this recording of Rashi Ne and noticed that the refrain included an extra part for St. George.

Is it common to add the saint of the church in the refrain? If so, what is the appropriate one for St. Mark?



  • Hello,

    I don't know how to put text in Coptic on this forum but the refrain is:

    Rashi ne o t-theotokos Maria ethmav en Icoc Pikhristos; Rashi ne o pi-evangelstic Abba Markos Pitheoremos.
  • Kyrollos, is it common to add it?
  • Yes, it is because I have two recordings of that hymn. One from CIA and chorus and they add Archangel Michael. The other recording is from Anba Rewais Choir from Egypt and they add Anba Rewais' name but in Coptic.
  • The part for Saint mark we use:
    Rasi nak `w pi;e`[email protected] abba Markoc pi`apoctoloc.
    Rasi nak `w [email protected] abba Markoc pi`apoctoloc.
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