Living Saints

I talked to somebody today, and he told me the name of a Priest I had never heard of. He was shocked and later told me that he was a Saint in our church still living.. so it leads me to this question, who are the current (living) saints of the CoC?
I know of Abouna Makary Younan (got to see him, wonderful)


  • I don't think modern saints want their names mentioned on a forum.

    In any case, I thought no one is officially declared a saint until 50 years has passed after their departure from this world.

  • + Irini nem ehmot,

    I have to agree. There are many saintly people in our church today, but are not officially declared as such until after they have died. I know of one who I have had the blessing to meet personally. He is well known, but there are numerous others who we do not know.
  • Honestly, I was just looking to look them up, hear any of their sermons/books/whatever it is... and if possible get the chance to meet one. If this is wrong, I am sorry.
  • + Irini nem ehmot,

    I don't think you're wrong per se. I don't know of any sermons by 'living saints' off the top of my head.
  • Why should wonder who the living saints are? Did not God say "Be holy for I am Holy"? Therefore it is our duty to be holy (saints). One of the Early Fathers said that humans are the ONLY creation commanded to be Holy. We need to focus on ourselves and our life with the church, not going on a hunt for the "living saints".

    God bless and please pray for me

  • Shenouda III and Father Anthony of the Anthony Monastery?
  • Abouna fanous
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