Broken Links and Such

edited December 1969 in Technical Topics
Today I realized I've never hit the "Articles" and "Links" buttons from the top menu. I decided to journey deeper into only to find many broken links. I clicked the broken link buttons, but I don't think it did anything so I'm just gonna post here...

- Both links under "Coptic Software" are broken. One takes to a nonexistent Geocities account, one goes to a nonexistent church website.
- The first two links under "Coptic Music" are broken.
- Under "General Coptic Sites," links 1,3,8, and 9 are broken.
- Under "Youth", links 1, and 6 are broken. Link 4 requires a username and password.
- Under "Organizations" links 2 and 5 are broken.
- Link 6 under "dioceses" is broken
- Ecumenism is empty so I don't really know why it's a category (unless it is for people to add links to it).

I hope I've assisted you in making the site better. Thanks for everything, God will undoubtedly reward you for your service.
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