Church Selling Fetari Items during the Fast



  • I think Ophadece ascribes to the ilovesaintmark Baklava Doctrine, which states:  "if it looks like baklava, smells like baklava, and tastes like baklava, it is baklava."

    The Fasts are supposed to be simple; simple in food, simple in conduct, simple in prayer, simple in almsgiving.
    We, as Egyptians, have been enslaved by the Islamic mentality of finding a loop around issues.
    The Fasts are disciplines.  It is not finding detours around the disciplines that the Church offers us for our betterment.

    I once had to take a stand at my Church, when the youth meeting leader cleared for the Youth Meeting to have pizza on a Friday, because supposedly one of the Minor Feast Days of Our Lord superseded the Friday Fast.  I did not partake, and refused despite pressure.  I found it absurd that I was being pressured, not by Americans, not by heathens, but by my own co-religionists.

    It is this lazy mentality, negligent mentality, ill-disciplined mentality that is slowly eroding the presence of the Coptic Church in the diaspora to the point of us being equivalent to the Protestant mentality.

    Discipline:  Expressed by the Lord, Shown by the Lord, and carried out by the Lord.

    St. Mary, St. John the Baptist, the Anachorites, the Ascetics, are examples of the end point of what discipline brings forth--sainthood.

    I can show you what lack of discipline brings:  ill-kept altars, obesity, stupidity, improper terminology, foreign hymns, foreign ideology and heresy, inability to submit to the Church hierarchy, stupid YouTube video clips, wearing tonias for skits and idiotic chatter, leaving the altar to hang out with the chicks in the back, crying because you can't use your mobile phone in church, women in the church kitchen arguing over which recipe for siyami cake is better, trying to slip the butter into your "siyami" cake to make it taste better without telling anyone, censers that are coated with tar, deacons too lazy to wake up early to attend Liturgy, no one to turn on the heat or air conditioning for the Liturgy, vestments that are torn and ripped, vessels of the altar rolled around on the ground, stupid hairdos on the deacons, earrings for the boys waking into church, parents complaining that the fault with their kids is from the church (they haven't looked in the mirror), children who don't know how to make the sign of the cross, youth that get drunk at night on Saturday at clubs and come to teach Sunday School while receiving the Eucharist the next day, deacons who swallow the microphone but have no idea what they are reading, ... ... ... ... ....


    Here is a simple answer for selling Fetari items during the Fast:  STUPID.

  • ISLM,

    Do not judge  ... just joking :D

  • imike,

    I had a slice of Tiramisu Cake for breakfast, but then again, today is not a fasting day.
  • Here are some questions to ponder:

    1.  Is the given parish so forthcoming to make siyami products during the fitar in order to get things ready for the siyam?

    2.  Do you make siyami cake in the fitar?

    3.  Do you have a yearning for siyami food during the fitar and look for ways to get around dairy and animal issues to be able
    to eat siyami food?
  • Okay all, this has been going around in circles, getting no where, for 94 posts.
    Let us all conclude with  this:

    There shall be absolutely NO non-fasting foods sold on Church Property during any of the fasting days. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • there is no point to selling non-fasting food in the church when there is fasting because no one will pay for it because they can't eat it
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