Prayer for a child

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I don't know if too many people really follow sports here, but last night at a Texas Rangers baseball game a fan reached out ot catch a foul ball thrown to him by a Rangers player, lost his balance, and fell 20 feet down. He passed away shortly after.

He wanted the ball to give to his young son, who you can see in the stands in this video:

The Rangers player who threw the ball is Josh Hamilton, who recently escaped from drug and alcohol addiction after converting to Christianity. He is feeling guilty and distraught because he knows that if he had thrown the ball just a little bit harder, the victim would still be alive today. So I think it would be nice to mention him in our prayers, and especially the young boy who lost just lost his father.


  • I was thinking the same thing all day, myself.
    I'm a big baseball fan.  It was very tragic.

    Life: totally unpredictable.  In a moment, everything changes.

    One can always feel that 'if I had just given a little more effort', or 'a little extra strength'.
    It is what it is.  One cannot change the past.

  • I've been seeing a lot of people assign blame, but it's just one of those things that just...happened. A very fluky accident. But it's very tragic that someone is going to grow up without a father because of it.

    Just out of a favorite team?  ;)
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  • I've never felt such strong disgust towards you guys like this before.
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