29th of the coptic month

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Hey guys, someone told me that we don't celebrate the 29th of each month between christmas and the annunciation, because "we don't know about the annunciation yet", so until the 29th of baramhat, we shouldn't celebrate it. Is that correct? I really don't know anymore and I'm really confused...
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  • OK GUYS,
    I asked my dad...and he has a bazillion books, and in one of his books, by anba mattaos, published in 1986 (talk about old stuff) called "moushtaha el nefous fi tarteeb al toukous"...which i dont even know what that means...but anyway, it says that the 29th of each coptic month is celebrated year round EXCEPT 2 times: the 29th of tubah, and the 29th of amsheer. it is EVEN celebrated during holy lent! only the 2 months between christmas and the annunciation (tubah and amsheer) arent celebrated...turns out my friend was right after all....(but im not quite sure about HIS REASON...but whatever...lol)
    That was for those who were interested or intrigued by my question...wouldnt want to leave you hangin' there now would I!! :) ok thanks anyway!
    Pray for me,
  • Thank you Dany,
    I did not know that or why, God bless.
  • Very nice topic Dany.

    actually, yesterday night at the time of EL-ASHIA (rise of the insence). A decon who is older than told me that we will not pray using the joyfol tone rather the annual one because we don't celebrate 29th of the coptic month in 2 coptic monthes: Touba and Amsheer because they symplize the Law and profits.
    Hounsitly, I didn't understand what is the meaning of that but I found what the decon told me in the book of KHEDMAT EL SHAMAS.
    So, I thought to ask some good servants about that but I didn't got the chance to do. I'll try again next week if nobody till me the answer.
    By the way, the name of your book is: The Desire of the souls: in the arrangement of EL TEKOS (I don't know how I translate this word to english. however, it means the system of the worship in the church).

    Peace and love
  • "el tokos" means "the rites"
  • Actually, the older tradition (and documented) is that the 29th of EVERY COPTIC MONTH should be celebrated. Unfortunately, I learned the same as you that in those two months, the 29th is not celebrated because of the fulfillment of the Law and Prophets. There is no basis and no documentation from those who originally documented the rites in the Church that these are "silent months".

    In Christ,
  • i dunno man...i didnt see why they shouldnt be celebrated like any other month, and neither did my dad...but when he went to double check, he told me that yea...that uncle was right....we dont celebrate it..
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