St.marys bread

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have u guys ever heard of summin called st.marys bread where liek someone makes teh bread according to this recipe and tehy cut it in fourths and pass 3 onto one person and by doing thsi they receive st.marys blessing i recently heard about this from a friend and i was wondering is this like tradition or like just sumiin sumone made up when i heard about it i was liek what? ??? but yeah so do u guys have any thoughts about this



  • hmm....iv never heard of that so im not sure...but if sumone else noes plz tell id like to noe :D ;D
  • i know what that is isnt that like chain bread liek ifu get one of teh three peices you have to make another one i got a peice of taht stuff still havent gotten around to it though but does anyone knwo the churchs viewpoint on this

    your big bro,
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