Fear :/

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Hello brothers and sisters... I have a problem :/.
Why is it, that every time I fall into a sin that I could have prevented myself from doing, I become SO worried and guilty? I'm sure this is not at all healthy. I know that we all sin, and we all fall, and that God still loves us afterward, but everytime I do it I feel that all the happiness I have, will disappear. Basically, I believe that  for sinning that I will lose all the gifts that God has given me. Can any of you enlighten me on this topic?

Also, when God gives you something, do you guys also fear that it will be taken away? I often times fear regression, into a state that I was not very proud of... :/

Please Pray for Me


  • dude I have the same problem. There is a nice saying for this. If an evil-doer reflects on his actions yet sees no wrong, he is truly an evil-doer, but if an someone who does evil, reflects on his actions and sees wrong, and feels guilt and shame due to his actions, he's a righteous person. It is good that you feel that way, and that's how you will become a better person. Just make sure you understand that God forgives you for what you done, you're not doomed when you sin, Jesus was hanged on the cross for that reason.
  • Hello LifeMyHeart, as you said, we sin every time and if we admitting that we are guilty, we go to our church fathers and take confessions about it. But after that, we need to protect our self not to do same mistake again and again. As Our Lord Jesus Christ said  on John 8 :11 " Go, and do not sin again" . "Don't do it agai" mean try not to do same mistake like before. Don't be neglect, but pray for it and God will help you. God see our heart and read our mind, thus he sees your love for him when you try to keep his words. My elder , God help us if we try so. May God be with you and give you strength.
  • It is a logn time before I can take confession, and the guilt really kills me...it makes me really unhealthy..anxious, feeling alone, and unworthy...even of anyone else's company...i just feel worthless
  • Watch this vidio and it might help you:

  • This is beautiful thank you very much!
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