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ok, i know this sounds silly and there are far more important things.

But my father is so angry now: we had 2 hard disks and at those Hard disks there were so many documents, taraniem, and sermons and everything/ And my dad worked on it for 11 years. He didn't sleep in morning to download all these amazing things, and now first i dropped the first had disk: baaz. Ruined.
Now i dropped the 2nd one, and really not deliberately. Now i have to wait an half hour before i can put all the things from my harddisk on my computer. my father is soooooooooooo angryY!!!!!!!!!

Please please please pray for me that it will work and that it will not ruin again and that there will nothing lose! Pleaseeeee
i already told abu sefeen to give him 30 euro if he fixes it. so pleaseeee

with the prayers pf saint virign mary. abusefeen baba kyrilos and all the saints


  • Khalas baaaaaaaaaaaz  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

    MY DAD IS UNBELIEVABLE ANGRY AND 5ALAS ITS GONE EVERYTHING FOR NOTHING. (edit) Like 6 YEARS GONE FOR NOTHING EVERY TARNIMA, SERMON, VIDEO, DOCUMENT LESSON IS GONE .... bring me ur condolences.... :'( :'( ??? ??? ??? :'( :'( :'( :'( :-[ :-[
  • Dear Marmar,

    Don't be saddened by this accident. It was just that - an accident. Mistakes happen. What is important is what can be learned from them.

    This collection sounds great and 11 years is a long time. You may not be able to get all those things back.

    However, had you stored those things where they could not be destroyed you and your father would not have this problem.

    We should learn to store every hymn, tarneema, video, sermon, and lesson, we see or hear, in our hearts. This is the place where neither moth nor dust destroys. Where no thief can rob and no person can cause to break.

    Store these things in your heart and mind. Meditate on them. Live them. Become a walking sermon or hymn. This way you will never lose the comfort or peace these things provide you.

    BTW, what is this bargaining with saints? Abu Seifen does not need money to help you and neither does our Lord. He does what is best for us at all times. Thank Him in everything.
  • Hi Marmar, have u tried ant recovery software..I used irecover before..even all info might b warded ..hard dial keep Track of what was on them
  • yeah try a computer shop, they will take yr euros.
    may God give u peace and may you learn something positive from this hard lesson.

    i lost my grandmother's antique engagement ring many years ago...
    it was the only valuable thing our family owned! i didn't tell my dad till after she died many years later.
    but more than 10 years on, i don't feel sad about it anymore, nor does my dad.
    it will eventually get better.
  • Hey all!

    I am much better now, cause the last Hard Disk that died (yesterday) is alive again!:)

    I am so happy, miracles still exists XD

    Only the first Hard Disk, with as much as lot files as in the last one is still ruined, but yeah, I must learn from my mistakes..

    God Bless u
  • [quote author=miracleseek link=topic=11683.msg140069#msg140069 date=1308747666]
    Hi Marmar, have u tried ant recovery software..I used irecover before..even all info might b warded ..hard dial keep Track of what was on them

    No lol. The whole Hard Disk is damaged, and makes a weird sound if I open it. It's not at the computer itself, its a single device.
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