How to write a spiritual song?

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Hey all.

I had a serious question about how to write a tarniema. And especially in arabic.

From my childhood I am a fan of spiritual songs, and when I am in a sensitive mood, i wrote little texts, but because my arabic is also not that good i doubt how i should put it in words.

So, what are the requirements for the lyrics of a song? Also that it not becomes a 'protestant' song or something.

Also, the topics which  I love the most, because they are sensitive, are tears and repentance. Also: sadness.

Also, the kind of songs i have in my minds are like this:
And :

How are these songs written? Where have they thought of when they wrote them? What lead them write exactly these songs?

So any idea's or advices??



  • the best songs that I know are ones that incorporate the teachings of the fathers
  • Just write.

    Write what comes to mind and see if you can work with it. I know ones like "Kayfa Ansa" are originally poems written by H.H.
  • hi all, i need help in how to make a peom into a song.. in a different way, i need to collect ideas on how to make our she3ar into a song.. thank you.
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