A Faith That Found A Home

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Hello. I look forward to learning much from this forum. Here is my Testimony of Baptism into the Ethiopian Orthodox Church:




  • Welcome to the forum!

  • welcome from the other forum!
    it's cool here too  :)
    can u summarise it here for those who are not on facebook?
  • Welcome to the forum Gebre!  :D
  • Don't speak your mind Gebre, whatever you do!

  • I love you Ioannes. Mainly becuase you have a harder road than most of us can speak of. Any offence has never been more than I could offord as this would be rejection if it was. If Christ is not going to reject you and strenghten you, so then it's also my duty to do the same. Christ's second commandment- Love you neighbour as yourself.
  • Welcome to the forum GMK!

    I am new here as well. I can say, many folks have been quite helpful. I hope you enjoy your stay.
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