Exclusive Interview with Cantor Ibrahim Ayad



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    ...hang on. Why are they chanted like the in the major Watos exposition tune?

    they are not. the great watos intro that is said in vespers praises is differnt from tarh el-fa3la which is said specifically on sunday night in midnight praises....which is adam.
    the expositions that we have for the fifties and even the ones for lent are specifically ones for sundays--adam ones. chi-o-oinee in itself (as text) is to be said only on the feast liturgy after the gospel (also the midnight praise of the feast liturgy).

    My mistake, I got it completely wrong!

    Thanks for clarifying Mina.
  • Did anyone besides me get the feeling that he was trying to avoid the question about his successor by saying that just like God gave him the opportunity, He will give it to another?
  • He wasn't avoiding anything.  I believe he was humbly bowing out of the discussion.

    I do not think there is a reason to read too much in anything that he says.  He is
    actually a quiet person with a humble effect.

    I have come to realize that the misperceptions and misrepresentations come from the
    "cult" that has surfaced and in those trying to use his name. 
    This cult is not in emulation for the greater good of the Church,
    but their own grandiloquence, self-promotion, and own good.

    Relax guys, he is a man, no different from any other man.
  • if you hear him talking about his family you hear him say that all 3 of kids have jobs Anton is a mohendis Mariam is a doctor and mina just finished college and is in the army now
  • Is he still in the United States or did he go back to Egypt?
  • He is in the USA.  Still recovering from surgery
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    He is in the USA.  Still recovering from surgery

    He had surgery?!! What type of surgery?!
  • Who conducted the interview.
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    Who conducted the interview.

    If I am not mistaken, this question was previously answered...

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    Who did the interview?

    Mina Markos--deacon in Saint Mark's Jersey City.

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    What about his sons, do they know English?

    Beside Arsani Sidarous (who doesn't record much english), there is no real individual akin to Ibrahim Ayad in the U.S. . .is there?


    First of all it is a great honor to be compared to Ibrahim Ayad, but the truth is that I am anything but anywhere near him, and there is no comparison here :-)
    Just as an FYI, we have recorded the liturgy responses for the congregation of St Basil liturgy. I also prayed and recorded a complete liturgy in English with HG Bishop Youssef that could be purchased at various bookstores.

  • Although I always viewed you Arsani as a die-hard Coptic and only Coptic enthusiast. Oh well, I just don't know you personally anyway... ::)
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