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On Easter, the father in my church, when he was preaching, was saying this story, that there was once one of our fathers that had little to no faith in his prayers and wasn't like the most faithful person in the world. However, He followed one verse from the bible extremely strictly, which i don't have with me right now, but it said if you do not judge, you will not be judged and you will go to heaven. When he died, he won the way to heaven by telling God, you shall not judge me for my faith or prayers, for i have not judged anyone. My question is, could something like that small win the way to heaven? I mean there are several other things that say do this and you will go to heaven or don't do that and you will go to heaven... ??? 


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  • Yes, but the father that was preaching the story said that he didn't have a strong faith...
  • Realize how difficult not judging is and how many other virtues are hidden within it.

    To refrain from judging someone you must be humble. You must believe that you don't know certain things, no matter how apparent they may seem. It requires you to not think evil of others. It requires you to have trust and faith in God because you cannot judge and you believe that only God can judge others. Judging is the sole duty of God (excluding legal judgment in courts) and to engage in it is to be prideful. To even take it upon yourself not to judge lest you be judge implies that you believe in God and His promises. Not to judge requires love and patience because sometimes it is so easy to accuse people of things or to think wrong of them even if it may be justified. . .

    I can go on and on and give many examples but I hope it a little clearer that not judging is not as simple as we believe and those who truly refrain from judgment are worthy of eternal life.
  • Correct me if I am wrong,

    But the Lord also said that there are 7 sacremants that must be fulfilled (4 of which are manditory to enter the kingdom of heaven). Although, i believe thats not all. Im sure that as "Unworthy1" said, it is still very hard to reach such an extent of humilty to be able not to judge.
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