Error Messages

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This is something that seems to happen to me all the time now:

I go to make a post (or send a message, or flag a post as spam) and then go to do another within the same minute and I get something like "Error! Your last post was less than 60 seconds ago!" and it doesn't let me make the post. When I go to resubmit it, I get something like, "Error! You already submitted this post!" Even though this post which I already submitted never went through. Is there any way this can be changed? Or am I the only one that gets kind of annoyed by it?  ???


  • I don't have that problem unless I have a network issue and click again too quickly.
  • it happens to me sometimes when it's my first message after i log on (so i didn't send any within 60 seconds).
    i think the computer can tell the difference between priests and other people.
    we just get to learn more patience by putting up with the computer being annoying!
    if it still doesn't let you post after waiting a minute then try closing the window, doing something else for a few minutes and then opening the page again.
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