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To become a monk in the Coptic faith, are there any requirements? I'm just wondering. I hear that you have to complete university and get a degree and give it up to show your dedication. Do you have to memorize a lot of hymns; know a lot of things? I'm asking because I saw a documentary on Father Lazarus and I thought he knew anything much about the Coptic faith before he became a monk, but God still called on him to become one.
Pray for me and forgive me my weakness.


  • Peace,

    God wants your heart to be with Him, no matter which path you choose as long as you are with Him all the way till the end. since you love god so much you will be close to the church and you will be able to learn a lot of hymns.

    God bless
  • I am not entirely sure what the requirements are for monasticism. I am sure they vary slightly from one monastery to the other. However, there is no hymns requirements and no requirement to "know a lot of things." For some requirements there are exceptions. For example, many monasteries do not accept older people, but I know someone who joined the monastery at the age of 50! Fr. Lazarus is special indeed - the virgin Mary appeared to him and it is clear God had a great plan for him.
  • Do you think theres a minimum age limit? ;)
  • yeah, u have to be over 12
  • seriously though, usually you have to have finished your school (like about age 18) then done some kind of study (it can be a qualification for work, not everyone goes to college after high school) so that you understand what life is like outside a monastery.
    that way, when (if) you become a monk, you will know how to teach people who are not monks.

    if you want to be a monk, first follow God and love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and spend time studying the Bible and in church. work hard at everything you do (study, job, taking care of gran or little sister) because everything that you do is to please God.

    then you will be either a good monk, or a good husband  :)
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