A desperate cry for help

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Say many many prayer for me, I am really suffering. Can someone agree to sing the hymn "Je nai nan" or "kata ni khoros" 20 times just for me. Or can someone do a 1000 matanias for me. Thanks


  • I will pray for you. Lose all faith you have in yourself, and put it all in God, leave it up to God, you'll be fine, my friend.
    Pray for me!
  • Father may you please do Your Will with Sudani, protect him, and keep him safe and always remind him that You are always there and You never leave his side. Amen.

    Sudani, even though we are praying for you, you need to not get lazy. You need to put some effort in by praying and reading the Bible. God with you brother.
  • I'll do Je Nai Nan 20 times. I haven't learned Kata Ni Khoros and I can't do metanias during the Holy 50! Maybe after  :)

    Kidding aside (sorry I couldn't resist), the prayers of the saints be with you.

  • may God bless you with peace.
    may you see the rainbow in the clouds.
    in all situations we can grow in strength and wisdom.
  • god will bless you as he blessed all of us with the holy spirit god bless you
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