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Hey guys,

There is a new translated story available to read on the website: St. Myron the Martyr.


Also, there is a new video that has been posted, featuring a poem by Bishoy A. Michael: "I AM COPTIC ORTHODOX."


Come check it out!

Please keep this service in your prayers.


  • My Beloved,

    I want you to know that our service is by the youth, for the youth...

    please come and support, you can sign the guest book, you can contribute with you opinion on the videos, etc...

    there is also a monthly video, and a monthly story, and a monthly poem, we are trying to keep you entertained with new material at all times.

    you can also check our store, we have the DVD, "My Best Friend Satan" and soon to come is the DVD of "The Crazy Queen" by our J.O.Y. E. jrs, and also soon to come to our store is Cross stitchings, where you can order pictures, and even your names... also we will have available J.O.Y. E. attire, and we will have Orthodox prayer robes...

    we might have tonyas if Ilovesaintmark does some with JOYE on it... (its a joke we wont do that)

    please keep the SERVICE in your prayer.

    Neshkor Allah, Akhadna el baraka!
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