English Glorification for St. Athanasius

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Does anyone have an English Glorification for St. Athanasius? His feast is this Sunday!


  • The Strong captain of the ship,
    The distinguished fighter,
    The victorious in the wars,
    The luminous lamp
    The leader of orthodoxy,
    Athanasius the apostolic,
    the instructor of the rational sheep of christ
    Your faithful teachings,
    pierced the hearts of the heretics,
    like a two edged sword
    through the power of the trinity
    Every knee worshipped the lord,
    And every tounge praised him
    his glory was announced
    And filled the face of the earth
    Wetherefore exalt you with david the prophet saying
    you are the priest forever,
    according to the order of Melchizedek,
    Hail to the great patriarch
    our holy father abba athanasius
    whose holy teachings
    enlightened our minds
    Blessed are you indeed,
    our holy father the patriarch
    Saint Athanasius the apostolic,
    The beloved of Christ,
    Tovh em epchois eehregoan,
    peniot ethowab em patri archis
    ava athanasios pi apostolikos
    entef kan novi nan evol
  • Hey guys, I am at school so i will answer and complete later when i get home..

    Basically, the doxology written now is a new creation that is not original in any way. My church is named after him, and we have been pn the search for his proper doxology, and after what seems like centuries of searching, we have found not 1 but 2 doxologies documented in manuscripts. I will go home, and post them on th9is website. While the one posted is not incorrect, i personally believe that if the correct one is available, i would use that.

    However,  our church used that one untill recently, and we even had made up a fake arabic one, that for some reason, the uncles are unable to abandon even though it sounds very corny and repetitive.

    -In the risen XC
    -Return Orthodoxy
  • The doxology that i have seen for him is just exactly like the one for Saint Severus of Antioch....it literally just replaces the names.
  • Thanks for the posts! I actually meant a tamgeed to be said after Efnoti nai nan, not a doxology... does anyone have that by any chance?
  • Since St Athanasius is my Favourite Saint, I have his Glorification Melody in English and Arabic !
    If anyone needs it just tell me !
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