The Holy Spirit?

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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, or if the contents of this thread are ignorant.
Sometimes, when I pray to the Lord and release my heart, I feel a chill in my body and it starts from my stomache to my heart. This happens quite often; and I want to think that it's the holy spirit, but I do not want to deceive myself. Do you guys also get this feeling?


  • I'm not alone!

    I used to think it was the Holy Spirit also, until I started getting that same feeling when I used the bathroom. So... maybe not?

    I don't think we can feel the Holy Spirit physically. I'm not sure actually.
  • + Irini nem ehmot,

    It's probably nothing. I wouldn't think too much about it. Focus instead on your prayer and God's mercy without any expectation or desire for a 'feel good' sensation or any sensation at all.
  • I remember one time when I was very young I had a preacher in the Presbyterian church (I was raised in it) pray over my leg and it started to tingle. I was maybe 7 years old. The preacher said "That's the Holy Spirit, healing you!" and I said "No, I think my leg fell asleep because you held it in one position for too long." He frowned at me and told me to have faith, but I was right, because once he let go of it and I could move it again the feeling went away.

    Of course, the Holy Spirit does act in our lives, but I think there is a danger in presuming He causes any particular sensation. We could become convinced of a certain thing as a "sign" and develop all kinds of strange beliefs out of that, like the preacher did when really it was just my leg going to sleep. Now, if I had stood up and started flying around the room or something, maybe there might be a supernatural cause for that... :)

  • haha thanks for the responses. I guess it's nothing, then.
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