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Hey everyone, I just found out that, this summer, I'll have the chance to do an independent study with a professor about basically any topic I want related to Church history and the writings of the Fathers.  I'm having a hard time deciding, because I want to study something that will be spiritually edifying to me AND teach me about our Church Fathers/history as well.

I've been thinking about studying some existing Biblical commentaries of the Alexandrian Fathers on a given topic (e.g., the Incarnation, St. Mary) or on a specific book of the Bible. 

Anyone have any suggestions along these same lines? Different ideas also welcome!



  • What time period are you interested in?

  • What languages do you have?
  • Sadly, I know only English :(  not much of a scholar in that sense I guess...

    My interests are fairly wide-ranging.  I don't have a favorite time period really, partially because I haven't been able to do as much of this type of studying as I'd like. 

    I can handle it though!  :)
  • how old are u? (i mean adult, teenager, getting on a bit, etc.)
    is this at an undergraduate degree level or at which level?
    i, personally would study something like 'the spiritual path to salvation in the writings of the early church fathers'.

    what's yr budget for buying/downloading books?
  • I'm an adult pursuing an undergraduate degree, although this independent study is closer to graduate-level work.  My budget is essentially unlimited because this study is being funded by a grant, which would reimburse me for book costs.

    Mabsoota:  Thanks!  your suggestion is interesting, but it might be a tad too general at this particular time.
  • The development of the traditions about the Virgin Mary in the Oriental Orthodox communion would be interesting. There are lots of apocryphal works and as the subject relates to Christology it is well represented in our Fathers.
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