Tasbeha for Christ Jesus!!!

Christ is Risen!  Truly, He is Risen! 

I wish you all a blessed and holy Pascha!  During the first couple weeks of Great Lent, I had mentioned the possibility of us implementing local gatherings of EO and OO Christians to pray together and support our God-fearing hierarchs in the path toward reunification.  I am in the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area and would like to see a small group of EO and OO Christians meeting to pray together and have fellowship with a meal and perahps an evening event (bowling, board games, etc.).  I have never initiated any kind of successful thing like this, however it's not about that but rather just having fellowship with other Orthodox Christians in the area. 

If anyone is interested, please post here or send me a message and we can go from there. 

Let us Glorify Christ's Resurrection!  We adore His Holy Third Day Resurrection!


  • Christ Is Risen!

    I admire your efforts to unite the Orthodox churches piecemeal. If only I lived in Canada I would join you. You should consider contacting some people from each church (look the church's number up online) and creating a facebook event. Have one representative from each church as an administrator - that way they can invite all of the youth from their church.

    I once did an even like this at my church and it was very successful. About 50 youth came from across the diocese to pray a tasbeha together. It was beautiful. Although, I did not think to extend to other Orthodox communities I think that is an excellent idea.

    May God bless your work.
  • Dear friends!
    maybe someone can explain me the difference between Syrian Ortodox Church and Syriac Orthodox church?
  • It's the same church. Because so many now identify "Syrian" with "Arab" thanks to the dominance of the Arabic language and Arab-Muslim identity in modern Syria, "Syriac" is used to avoid confusion. According to this helpful Syriac-English translator, the word in Syriac ܣܘܪܝܝܬܐ means "Syrian", so I think Assyrians/Syriacs/Maronites could still use this as an ethnic identifier in English if it weren't for the confusion with the Syrian "Arabs", like they still do in their own language.
  • Thanks for your answer,but one friend told me that these churches differ,as well as Syriac churches  of Ignatius 1 and of Ignatius 4 /they both are Orthodox/ I want to know how many Sirian churches exist.For example in Russia there are more than 120 congregations that call themselvs Orthodox churches they don't have relation with church of goverment.
    For me was abvious  that i can't understand something in this situation that's why i was at home alone in the Easter.
  • there is the antiochian orthodox church, which is eastern orthodox (in communion with russia) and the syriac (also called syrian) orthodox church, which is oriental orthodox (in communion with the coptic church).
    inside syria and iraq (which is the area where they come from), the 2 churches have good relations.
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