Coptic eBooks and pdfs

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Hello all, I recently got myself an iPad, and I really wanna load it up with resources and useful things for church (like pascha book, etc.)

So far I have a liturgy book (pdf) and a deacon service book (pdf) that I found online. They aren't great, but they are available.
I've bought the iCoptic App with all the readings (except Paschal readings -.- ) and the iCoptic Library App. I've also got iAlhan.
I also put all the hazzat I have from (pdf) and from

I found a Pascha book, but it only has Coptic and English, and where there is Arabic, there are dots.

It's kind of annoying. Does anyone know where I can find a pascha book in .pdf, and any other books in .pdf

Thanks so much :)


  • I don't have an ansewr but I would like to get the liturgy book (pdf) and the deacon's service book (pdf).
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