Remember O Lord....

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Please put the names of the following on the Altar if you didn't already, please give them to your Priest so that their names would be said in the Departed prayer.

1. Armanios Family
2.George Ragheb

and please if you do not mind put my grandpa's name who just departed in Christ yesterday:

his name is:

Ayad Habib

Please remember us all in your prayers...



  • May God give you peace and comfort Mike. May His love and presence be with you in this time of sorrow.
  • im sorry to hear that your grandpa passed,

    whenever u look up at the sky rremeber that
    the stars are him
    the clouds are him
    the moon his him

  • Though I am very sorrow that he passed away, I know that it was for his good, maybe I will not see his face again for another couple of years but that is better than the situation he was in, he was in an open-ended comma, so he was neither enjoying the everlasting life with Christ nor was he enjoying the company of his family so now he is in a faaaar better condition that we all are in.

    Thank you for caring and God bless you.

  • hay mike
    im sorry may God repose his soul

  • if u guys could remember Meryam Attaalla (arubaiscrazy) sylvia's best friend as well and put her name on the alter that would be great.

    also if u can the sick Michael George.

  • :D thnx GJI i was trying to think of wat micheals last name was thnx coz i wanted to put it on the alter but ididnt no his last name thnx

    wats rong with meryam if i may ask?

    GB U ALL
  • YA... I REALLY WANN KNOW NOW... I am worried
  • may the lord repose their souls
  • its really hard for her losing her best friend, she needs prayers.
  • thanks for telling me... sorry you just scared me....

    also since we are asking to pray for others can we all pray for GAMIL BOTROS... he is in the hospital... lets pray that God will take care of him.
  • God be with all of us.

    Can we also pray for M + Z
  • Coptic Defender
    *Sorry to hear about ur grandfather
  • ya thnx sooooooooo much Bishoy.. ya plz guys put my uncle's name on the alter.. Bishoy wrote his name above.. thnx alot u guys.. :-*
  • [quote author=lala and po link=board=1;threadid=1127;start=0#msg19116 date=1106696483]
    God be with all of us.

    Can we also pray for M + Z

    hay lala nd po :) ;) :D ;D
    who is m + z?? just so i can pray 4 them
    hay guys im very sorry to hear about these ppl guys i heard about micheal george is in a very very bad situation he is dying in hospital slowly plz plz keep in ur prayers he has a disease that onli 24 ppl in tha world hav
    and sum ppl let it up to God and accpet his will ut his parents r not letting go i think onli son im not sure but they r definately not letting go so we really need urgent prayers for that family it was a cupl of weeks ago that i was sittin wit ma cuzin tasoni nd her fone rang nd it was his parents saying that they needed sum1 to mak him laugh i was gonna do it coz i can do it anyday but i didnt nd i herd from her that he has his eyes open but his mind isnt wit us so yer

    May God help all these ppl, comfort all their loved 1ns and may God guide us in Jeus' name AMEN :) ;) :D ;D

    :) ;) :D ;D
  • I am very sorry to hear about all these people..May GOD heal all of them from their sickness and repose the souls of those who died.
    May GOD be with all of you.
  • Also Father Matthias plz add him to your list he was in the hospital
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