I need prayers

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just so that i may do well in school and have the motivation to study...im living alone now till the end of the year so i dont have my parents constantly telling me to study...and to be honest, i feel guilty when i dont so it kinda helps...i just wanna please my parents  :-[

ofc if its not too much trouble, u can also pray for my spiritual life as it is not going so great, God have mercy on us.


  • sodr2,
    Rabena ma3ak.  Please pray for me as well.
  • The prayers of the saints help your spiritual life first and your schoolwork second :)
  • yes, may God help you in your life and priorities, and thank God for your situation.
    in loneliness, thank God for the absence of a nagging wife and screaming children, and those with families should thank God for the company and love, even when it is hard.
    you can do stuff like go to church when you want and speak to your friends and stay up late, so use the time well and be glad about the small things.
  • I'll be praying for you.
  • midterm exams start tomorrow  :o  :o  :o

    the tension!!!!!!! pray for me
  • Midterms?! Um. Sorry to state the obvious, but we're in April. My FINALS are this week.
  • may God give u both strength.
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