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This is something that I really need help on.... We all want to say that God is the number 1 priority in our lives, but the truth be told, that is rarely the case. How do we forget the world and live our lives for God? How do we grow in Christ and increase our relationship with Him? All I've heard is fast and pray, fast and pray. Don't get me wrong, that is a great answer. But without spiritual depth, the praying part seems like recitation not a conversation with your Heavenly Father. So if you could help, that would be great!


  • That is a very good question,

    I will tell you my humble opinion,

    Well as my Priest taught me, talk to Him and tell Him about your problems, tell Him what u want and ask Him for your needs and wants, talk to Him from all your heart, what helped me greatly is putting a picture of Christ during prayer, that helps alot, always talk to God, when ur in the bus or when ur tempted to do a sin, talk to Him and listen through reading the Holy Bible but when you do concentrate very hard because in the chapter you are reading you will find the answer you just need to give it some effort but remember that no matter how hopeless you think it is to find what God is telling you through a certain chapter, you still have to watch out for that special message God is speaking to you with...

    God bless you and remember us in your prayers.

  • :)

    As the Bible says:"Pray without ceasing". Which is just what Mike is talking about.Talk to him throughout the day about every situation.He hears you.He cares for you.Rest in His love. Also remember to praise God continually,thanking Him for every good gift.The Bible says that God inhabits the praise of His people.Whenever you start to praise God you will start to feel His sweet presence,His peace that passes all understanding;and all your cares will be forgotten as you bask in the glory of the LORD.Remember, praising{worshipping}and thanking God is not just for the Church but for everyday living.Thank Him for big things,thank Him for small things;sing songs of praise unto His Holy Name.If you do these things you will be surprised at how much you will grow spiritually in Christ.Always have a thankful heart and God will bless you abundantly. :)
  • :D ;) :) ;D hay
    well sed copticdefender and J Franklin
    also i was lookin for that same answer a cuple of months ago
    well wat has helped me getting closer to God and kind of left the wordly stuff a bit is that i started to read more books about our religion coptic orthodox i read all sorts of different boox and that has helped me alot from teachings to lives of saints and so on i encourage u to do that also i attend youth meeting every week if u hav that go ahead u learn alot also if i get the tym i go to tasbeha also u involve yourself in more spiritual activities at church wheter its attending the Holy mass or cleaning on a saturday whatever also take a role at your church take a responsibility i dont kno how old u r but that dont matter whether it is serving in the library or helping out in getiing speakers for youth meeting or even cleaning or organising spiritual trips there r plenty of stuff u can do also just in your spare time listen to hymns that is the highest form of prayer also u shood fast and pray thats the things thathas helped me o yer nd reading the Holy Bible. i asked that question to my FOC he sed to me to preach onli to christians but i dunno yer i hope that helped but if u still didnt raise it up wit ur FOC go quickly and get his advice bcoz God speeks thru him

    sorri its long
    may God guide u nd bless u and show u the rite way :) ;) :D ;D
  • :)

    Fully Rely On God,

    That was some good advice! Your posts definetely contain alot of wisdom. Keep it up! Keep on :)
  • I'm also searching for a way to get closer to God. I feel like i'm definitely a big sinner and since i haven't confessed everything because i'm too scared i feel like God wouldn't accept me in heaven if i were to die right now. This really scares me because i want so much to get closer to God but i'm struggleing and i'm afraid i won't have time.
  • If your in Christ then your definitely saved and going to Heaven.Were you baptized into Christ?If you were, then your in Christ and saved from all wrath and punishment.Either the Blood of God washes away all your sins or it doesnt wash away any.Since in fact it does wash away all your sins{past,present,future}what are you afraid of.There is no sin that cant be forgiven?There is no sin that you cant bring before your Father in Heaven and find forgiveness.Actually your sins are already forgiven,once and for all at the Cross of Christ.But sin affects our fellowship with God i.e. makes us lose our peace,causes us feelings of guilt,troubles our soul and makes us feel distant from God our Father.We are still His children.We are still in Christ.But our fellowship and oneness with God is hindered.When we confess and repent of our sins our fellowship,our peace,our joy is restored.Not really that our sins are being forgiven right then and there{our sins are already forgiven,"there is therefore no longer any condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus..."} but rather our fellowship is renewed,our conscience is restored and we begin to participate fully once again in the spiritual life in Christ.Sin does not seperate us from God if we are in Christ{unless we willfully and repeatedly reject the repentance and the conviction of the Holy Spirit}but rather hinders our continued spiritual growth in Christ.Be strong Cremedelecremes.Trust in Christ!He loves you more than you can ever know.He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ for you.Is there any good thing He will withhold from you?
    Is there any sin He wont forgive and help you overcome?"Who is it that overcomes the world but him who believes that Jesus Christ is Lord. :)
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    Fully Rely On God,

    That was some good advice! Your posts definetely contain alot of wisdom. Keep it up! Keep on :)

    lol :) ;) :D ;D
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