CYC administration

Aghapy everyone.  I have a problem. I contacted CYC a few weeks ago and they (the top people...Ibrahim Girgis, Father Bishoy...) answered me and gave me their ftp upload info (username and password). It worked and I uploaded a few videos to their website. Then I had an idea to upload more videos before, during and after holy week but I emailed them back for approval a few days ago and no one answered. Then I went to randomly look at my church's videos that are uploaded and they username and password are different so I can't get in.  I emailed them again a few days ago and they still haven't answered. If any of the people reading this are close with the CYC people, can you please give them a heads up. I need approval from them so I can begin filming and get it into them before Holy Week and Easter. Thanks!

Ogai khen epchois


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