Tome of Leo

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Hello everybody,

Many of you are very intelligent and quick to respond and that is why I trust you all. I just have a question. Can somebody please find me an article about the Tome of Leo. The Tome of Leo is what St. Samuel the Confessor stood against and I just would like to know more about it.

Thank you in advance



  • the most serious defect in the Tome of Leo is that it teaches that each nature acts on its own, and that the flesh receives insults while the Word receives glory. okay so this is what i gathered from what i read , that the tome of leo implied that the son the father and the holy spirit were each their own seperate being, and that not all are one! but i could be wrong, i dont have a particular site for you to go to i am sorry! i am also not very educated on the ecuminical councils! so in that i am sorry but i will read up more its late right now so i am sorry if i wasnt much help, i think that when this tome of leo came up they were fighting another heresy...i am not sure which, i'll look into it i hope this helps for now ! i am sorry i couldnt be of more help, i am trying to understand it my self, but i am sure someone much more quallified to answer this question will come to the rescue in no time!

    May God bless you! and all his children!

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